Wealth Management


Shaw and Partners provides tailored wealth management services to help clients manage and grow their wealth. Shaw and Partners doesn't dictate to clients. We listen - then act according to your needs.


Using the latest research and technology tools, our advisers can work with you to develop an investment strategy which takes into account all of your circumstances, goals and aspirations. We'll assess that strategy to ensure it can leave you in good stead irrespective of market conditions, and not just in the good times.


An extensive team

Shaw and Partners has invested heavily in its advisory business. Over the last three years, we have expanded our services and recruited the best advisers to provide bespoke solutions for our clients.


Privately Owned

Importantly, Shaw and Partners is owned by advisers and staff, not by a major financial institution. Our business model entrenches high compliance standards and minimises conflicts of interest.


Our unrivalled emphasis on honour and integrity underpins our long-lasting partnerships with clients and very high levels of client satisfaction. Shaw and Partners retains its clients when other firms often lose them.


Wide breadth of services

We offer a complete range of investment solutions and advise across the following asset classes and areas to produce personalised solutions, whatever your stage of life.



Tailored to you

Shaw and Partners works hard to understand your needs and goals to determine the most suitable investment strategy for you. We seek your input, test the robustness of your plan in meeting your goals, monitor its progress and keep you fully informed of outcomes.


We deliver only bespoke strategies that target your needs and reflect your own values, rather than your adviser's.*


* Shaw and Partners offers 'personal advice'. Not all clients require this and, depending on the level of service you require, you may receive 'general advice' or 'no advice'




The only type of solution worth having is a bespoke one.



We take our role in maintaining and maximising our clients' wealth very seriously. To be true to the trust placed in us, we consult with you and work according to a disciplined and prudent approach.


Rigour in action
Whether for an individual or institutional investor, we apply a considered, structured and evidence-backed investment strategy. We’re not about smoke and mirrors, overnight successes or creating expectations that we cannot meet. We tell it as it is, backed by objective and extensive research.


Understanding and managing risk
The fundamentals of risk management centre on diversification and the strategic allocation of assets to meet your needs, taking into account your risk appetite. We educate investors about risk and prepare them well for market volatility.


Apply expertise
We draw on the considerable expertise within Shaw and Partners and from a wide variety of external sources to develop and implement investing strategies that will meet your individual circumstances and long-term goals.



Discipline is integral to our investment process.



It’s hard to overstate the importance of discipline to our investment process.


Whether you desire a lesser or greater participation in your investment strategy, we implement a rigorous process for all clients that is targeted towards understanding your needs, goals and circumstances and securing your best interests.


Notably, our tight boundaries around compliance and regulation have ensured that Shaw and Partners has experienced greater levels of client satisfaction than many of our peers. That’s because we listen to our clients and only then do we act on their behalf.



Our approach prioritises clients' best interests.



Shaw and Partners provides a two-tiered approach to portfolio management services: we can implement either a discretionary portfolio or advisory portfolio for you.


Discretionary Portfolio – we advise and implement

Discretionary Portfolio is our premium service and gives you complete peace of mind knowing that our experts will handle the management and administration of your portfolio.


Working with you, our investment managers expertly create customised portfolios across all traditional and alternative asset classes. We undertake transactions on your behalf and act promptly to take advantage of shifting market conditions or cautionary actions.


In addition, you receive regular performance reporting and online access to your portfolio to track exact investment positions and performance at all times.

Key features:


  • Active portfolio monitoring and personalised investment service
  • Assets registered in your name
  • Portfolio Administration Service included
  • $200,000 minimum investment


Advisory Portfolio – we advise

If you prefer to take a more active role in the management of your investments and want access to professional advice, you can take advantage of our Advisory Portfolio Service.


This allows you to be involved in every decision regarding your portfolio, all of which can be made in conjunction with your adviser.


Key features:

  • Monitoring and portfolio adjustment recommendations
  • Investment and risk profiling, assets and funds allocation
  • Ability to view account holdings and transactions online
  • $25,000 suggested minimum investment



We don't dictate to clients. We consult - then act.


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